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No-Sweat Workout

Soon it will be cold enough in Vermont to do “no-sweat” workouts.

The good thing about not sweating when exercising is that one can save time on changing and showering. . . .

The bad thing about not sweating when exercising is that one’s liver and kidneys have to process all the metabolic waste produced by the exercise.

This is a sample of a short no-sweat workout. It was recorded in the fall of last year. It shows one of exercises I do to rehab my destroyed right shoulder.

I am using puny weights here because this is a rehab and I have a long way to go before I will be able to use my normal, heavier weights.

On a more serious note:

One of our authors and my friend, Piotr Drabik, has disappeared in September of 2006 after he landed on the island of Kaua’i, Hawaii, where he was seen on airport security cameras. He arrived there from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), through Salt Lake City, Utah, and Honolulu, Hawaii. We (his friends at Stadion Publishing) were assisting in the investigation of his disappearance. The investigation was ineffective and eventually the case was dropped by all involved authorities.If you have seen him on or after September of 2006, or know anything about his whereabouts, please e-mail us at infoATstadionDOTcom.

More about Piotr Drabik and his disappearance is at

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