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Seminars on Combining Strength and Flexibility Training

Three weeks ago I returned from a business trip to Poland.

In my time free from business meetings, I gave two seminars on combining strength and flexibility training.

Those seminars were organized by Dariusz Nowicki, member of the Technical Committee of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), trainer of the best Taekwondo club in Poland, sports psychologist, and author of Gold Medal Mental Workout. They were hosted in the city of Olsztyn by a sports federation of the northeastern region of Poland (Warminsko-Mazurska Federacja Sportu) and attended by its sports instructors.

The first seminar was attended exclusively by instructors of combat sports and martial arts (including MMA); the second by instructors of various sports, from combat sports to track and field.

At both seminars participants exercised with me—because there is no knowing without doing. During and after the seminars I answered questions, but only from those who exercised along with me—because only those who do may ask sensible questions about the doing.

By the way, whenever I travel to Europe and back to the USA, I do not experience jet lag at all—neither when there nor when back in the USA (there is a six-hour difference between Central Europe and Vermont). I follow the advice in Science of Sports Training and adjust to local time within the first day after landing. By this I mean that I go to bed at my usual time and get up early in the morning ready to go.

Request for help:

One of our authors and my friend, Piotr Drabik, has disappeared in September of 2006 after he landed on the island of Kaua’i, Hawaii, where he was seen on airport security cameras. He arrived there from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), through Salt Lake City, Utah, and Honolulu, Hawaii. We (his friends at Stadion Publishing) were assisting in the investigation of his disappearance. The investigation was ineffective and eventually the case was dropped by all involved authorities.

If you have seen him on or after September of 2006, or know anything about his whereabouts, please e-mail us at infoATstadionDOTcom.

More about Piotr Drabik and his disappearance is at

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