Honest Health Care Reform


Several progressive groups call for a boycott of Whole Foods and resignation of Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey. This is because John Mackey wrote about simple and inexpensive solutions to the health care problem in the U.S.A.

Solutions he listed would lower the costs of health care to taxpayers and to patients, and limit government involvement in it. Well, that is a blasphemy! How dare he point out the obvious facts?! What gall! Off with his head!

But seriously, if intentions of these progressive groups are pure why such hostility toward John Mackey? I guess it is because he makes a good argument. Read it here:


And some more articles, from other writers, that state the obvious:


Request for help:

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4 Responses to “Honest Health Care Reform”

  1. 1 Curiosity

    Or maybe they’re hostile because his article contains numerous factual errors and logical fallacies.

  2. 2 Moni

    Please! What are the names of these progressive groups and can you provide evidence of what they have said? Maybe the things John Mackey is saying would lower the cost however that is not the issue as far as I’m concerned. Cheaper healthcare is still more expensive than free healthcare.
    Every other developed nation in the world provides free healthcare to its citizens (apart from the USA). Countries like France have national healthcare services and they don’t have the issues that the USA does such as highest rate of obesity and diabetes. I am proud to live in a country that provides healthcare for free to all.


  3. Here are some of those groups:
    United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
    Single Payer Action
    Food Democracy Now
    Working Families Network (WFN) an organization associated with AFL-CIO

    What they have said about John Mackey and his article you can google yourself.

    And there is no free health care anywhere. If you don’t pay for it directly or through your taxes, then others’ taxes pay for it. Exceptions are oil-rich countries that use oil revenues to fund social programs.

  4. 4 Moni

    NHS systems work better than Private Health Insurance. We know this from the statistics. Private Health Insurance was set up in the USA by Nixon precisely because it provided less health care for more payment. The money was travelling in the correct direction as far as Nixon was concerned (from the ordinary citizen to the Health Care Companies). In a discussion with one of his advisers his adviser tells Nixon he will like the scheme because, “all the incentives are toward less medical care because the less care they give them, the more money they make….and the incentives run the right way”.

    Its also worth mentioning that on May 30th 1996, Dr Linda Pino testified before Congress on how Private Health Insurance works. I suggest that people who advocate Private Health Insurance as an alternative to NHS services check it out.

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