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It occurred to me that goal-oriented people should ask “what for?” (and then “how?”) rather than “why?” It happened like this: An acquaintance has rheumatoid arthritis. Her joints–fingers, wrists, and knees–are swollen, deformed, and painful. She complained about the ineffectiveness of various treatments she had undergone. (In case you didn’t know, rheumatoid arthritis is an […]

Question: What do you think about the idea of doing a three-day juice diet for health, cleanse, and weight loss? The diet would be purchased from a company that specializes in juice cleanses. Answer: Cleanse and detox programs are sold to the naive in the health-and-fitness crowd. Limiting one’s intake of food and drinking juices […]

Today a post from Stadion’s Discussion Forum with questions on overtraining and recovery from injuries, followed by my answers. First the whole post: I am a taekwondo’er, been away for some months (bad ankle sprain that had me undergo surgery, which has taken months to recover) . . . anyways enough of my sorry story, […]

Hey, stupid, wanna lose some weight? Should you listen to nutrition experts or rather look at them and those who follow them? Here are ways of evaluating nutrition experts: 1. Look at them. If they look pudgy, then you should know what their advice is worth. 2. Look at people who have followed their advice […]

Hey, stupid, wanna lose some weight? Popular advice for the thoughtless: Exercise to lose weight! My thoughts: Eat better to exercise better, so as to be stronger, to be faster, and to have greater endurance—don’t exercise to offset the effects of poor eating (while continuing to eat poorly). Besides, why would a sane person want […]

Hey, stupid, wanna lose some weight? Popular advice for the thoughtless: Eat snacks! Eat many small meals per day! My thoughts: If you eat a high-quality high-calorie meal, you are not going to be hungry for at least four hours (much longer, actually). Only if you eat garbage will your blood sugar spike and fall […]

Hey, stupid, wanna lose some weight? Popular advice for the thoughtless: Eat low-fat foods! My thoughts: Fat provides more calories per gram than either carbohydrate or protein, so why eat inferior, energy-poor foods instead of superior, high-energy foods? Fat-rich meals provide me with energy, proteins, vitamins, and minerals for my body to work well. Incidentally, […]

Hey, stupid, wanna lose some weight? Popular advice for the thoughtless: Eat this food because it is “low in calories.” Take this supplement to “burn calories.” Do this exercise to “burn calories.” My thoughts: Don’t you eat to have as much energy as possible so you can do what you want to do? I do. […]

I just learned of existence of Bacon Salt. It is made for people who can’t eat bacon because it isn’t halal or kosher, for those who believe saturated fat is bad for them, and perhaps for those who can’t get good bacon. So it is not for me. Fat, and a lot of it saturated, […]

It occurred to me that a majority of people suffer various afflictions because they disregard signs given to them by their bodies. First they don’t take hints that something doesn’t agree with them, then they pretend not to notice obvious signs, then take medicines to cover up the bothersome symptoms of dysfunction. Eventually they develop […]