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Do you do martial arts or combat sports? Do you have an answer to the eternal question: What is the best fighting art? If you do, read my new self-defense tip and post your answer as a comment to it at

Someone brought to my attention The Epic Split featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme (see below). I viewed it and was duly impressed. Then I read comments on YouTube and on other sites, such as and Most comments on this video are Ok, but inevitably there are some from nobodies looking for faults in the […]

Here is info I forgot to post two weeks ago: Two “I told you so….” in recent articles from The Journal of Strength and Conditioning: 1. Effects of Static Stretching on Energy Cost and Running Endurance Performance Static stretching before an endurance event may lower endurance performance and increase the energy cost of running. Abstract […]

“You can observe a lot by watching”—Yogi Berra Here are my thoughts on the dispute between proponents of separation of strength training from skill training vs proponents of integration of strength and skill training (i.e., progression of strength exercises from general to increasingly sport-specific with parallel technical training). Let’s begin with easily observable facts: At […]