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Troubles with joints happen–from accidents, aging, training errors, whatever…. So it is good to know which commonly prescribed treatments hurt, which make no difference, and which really help. Get that knowledge from an article Treating Worn-Out Joints. On a related matter, as doing stupid things to joints damages them, see Flexibility Problems, or Kiddie Stretches […]

Running is the most commonly used form of movement for developing general aerobic endurance. It is a simple, natural movement, yet people can do it wrong. For a description of the correct running technique plus info on the influence of footwear on gait and posture, which affects athletic performance in every sport and martial art, […]

It occurred to me that goal-oriented people should ask “what for?” (and then “how?”) rather than “why?” It happened like this: An acquaintance has rheumatoid arthritis. Her joints–fingers, wrists, and knees–are swollen, deformed, and painful. She complained about the ineffectiveness of various treatments she had undergone. (In case you didn’t know, rheumatoid arthritis is an […]

 Don’t waste time: Sunbathe as you exercise (or do chores) I like sunshine. It makes my skin produce vitamin D, which is necessary for calcium management and thus nerve, muscle, and bone health, for keeping down inflammation, for good functioning of the immune system, even for cancer prevention. Sunlight that reaches the retina regulates functions […]

Max from Italy asked me if his diet is good for osteoarthritis in his hips. Here is his message: > Anti-inflammatory diet for osteoarthritis in both hips > > Good morning. > > I am 36 years old and I practice kickboxing, but recently (two years ago) > I discovered osteoarthritis in both hips. > […]

Soon it will be cold enough in Vermont to do “no-sweat” workouts. The good thing about not sweating when exercising is that one can save time on changing and showering. . . . The bad thing about not sweating when exercising is that one’s liver and kidneys have to process all the metabolic waste produced […]

Several progressive groups call for a boycott of Whole Foods and resignation of Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey. This is because John Mackey wrote about simple and inexpensive solutions to the health care problem in the U.S.A. Solutions he listed would lower the costs of health care to taxpayers and to patients, and limit government […]

Injuries happen even to the best trained athletes. One day you too may need to see a specialist or have a surgery. . . . So you want to buy medical insurance . . . and here begin politics. . . . Medical insurance is too expensive and going without it is too expensive—because of […]

“Scientists have long known they could increase the lifespan of mice, and […] worms, flies—with deep, long-term cuts from normal consumption.” (Monkeys live longer on low-cal diet; would humans? by Lauran Neergaard AP Medical Writer | July 9, 2009) Question: How normal is a laboratory animal’s “normal consumption” when compared to a free animal’s consumption? […]

People ask me how to do Hindu push-ups and Hindu squats. Instead of describing these exercises in many words, I show them in a movie below. The movie shows how I cool down after my typical strength workout at the same time maintaining muscular endurance and getting my vitamin D too. It was shot right after […]