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After immigrating to the U.S.A. in the early 1980s as a political refugee, I was looking for a way to make a living from my sports-science know-how. So I was looking at publications on various aspects of sports training and p.e., among them martial arts’ magazines. Especially in those martial arts’ magazines, I noticed a […]

Do you do martial arts or combat sports? Do you have an answer to the eternal question: What is the best fighting art? If you do, read my new self-defense tip and post your answer as a comment to it at

Apart from the internal focus in this demo, I also don’t like the short grip–which is great for twirling but not for power with accuracy at a long distance.

Squat jump is both an exercise for improving jumping ability and a test of it. You can see it used as a test in a contest between a dancer and a weightlifter in the video posted at After viewing the video answer this question: What instructions would you give the dancer so that she […]

“Your Self-Confidence and Your Performance,” by prof. Artur Poczwardowski is posted at This four-part article explains what self-confidence is, what can happen if you are over-confident or not confident enough, and how to develop, maintain, and in the case of an athlete who lost self-confidence, how to restore it to an optimal level. The […]

This tip continues the subject of tip number 54. In that tip a movie shows self-defense without weapons and with weapons, as well as conditioning drills for self-defense.