How to Learn Skills Faster and Better


Experiments done on athletes long ago (Nawrocka 1967) determined the optimal sequence for teaching a new sports technique:

1. Name the technique and give a brief description, including the key whys (yes, before a demonstration).

2. Demonstrate the whole technique at full speed.

3. Ask the athlete to give a verbal description of the technique.

4. The athlete attempts to perform the technique.

To find out why the above teaching sequence is the optimal one, see “How to Learn Skills Faster and Better—Through Verbalization.”

Science of Sports Training, 2nd edition, by Thomas Kurz

Flexibility Express DVD by Thomas Kurz

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  1. 1 Micky

    Very interesting. Was thinking of this and have a question. I think that learning skills under cold conditions helps increase the rate of learning, or after a bout of physical workout. Can anybody confirm?

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