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Punches and Kicks Combinations of North Korean People's Army hand-to-hand combat system
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Public Service Announcement

Lock-downs, social distancing, etc. are necessary to stop spreading of covid-19 WHERE GOVERNMENTS FAILED to follow standard epidemic prevention procedures in time, without stupid delays.

Taiwan’s government didn’t dilly dally. The result in a population of over 23 million:

558 coronavirus cases, 7 deaths.

See for yourself here:


and here:


Why do you think your government did dilly dally? Is it because it is run by turds? Or is it because it is run by traitors?

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    The Kinetic Linking Principle for Speed/Power kicking I love this way and besides the Kurz method there is also the hidden Japanese karate explained by Futaesaku Takuya Dr.F’s Fightology.

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