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Injuries happen even to the best trained athletes. One day you too may need to see a specialist or have a surgery. . . . So you want to buy medical insurance . . . and here begin politics. . . . Medical insurance is too expensive and going without it is too expensive—because of […]

“Scientists have long known they could increase the lifespan of mice, and […] worms, flies—with deep, long-term cuts from normal consumption.” (Monkeys live longer on low-cal diet; would humans? by Lauran Neergaard AP Medical Writer | July 9, 2009) Question: How normal is a laboratory animal’s “normal consumption” when compared to a free animal’s consumption? […]

Recently someone asked me this question on losing weight: Mr. Kurz, I am coming off a 7 year break. Back in the day I was very flexible (but lacked your kind of strength). I damaged my meniscus cartilage (push from the outside in) and stopped training. I have gained a considerable amount of weight, and would […]