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Hey, stupid, wanna lose some weight? Popular advice for the thoughtless: Eat low-fat foods! My thoughts: Fat provides more calories per gram than either carbohydrate or protein, so why eat inferior, energy-poor foods instead of superior, high-energy foods? Fat-rich meals provide me with energy, proteins, vitamins, and minerals for my body to work well. Incidentally, […]

I just learned of existence of Bacon Salt. It is made for people who can’t eat bacon because it isn’t halal or kosher, for those who believe saturated fat is bad for them, and perhaps for those who can’t get good bacon. So it is not for me. Fat, and a lot of it saturated, […]

Recently someone asked me this question on losing weight: Mr. Kurz, I am coming off a 7 year break. Back in the day I was very flexible (but lacked your kind of strength). I damaged my meniscus cartilage (push from the outside in) and stopped training. I have gained a considerable amount of weight, and would […]