“I Told You So….” On Stretching and Performance


Here is info I forgot to post two weeks ago:

Two “I told you so….” in recent articles from The Journal of Strength and Conditioning:

1. Effects of Static Stretching on Energy Cost and Running Endurance Performance
Static stretching before an endurance event may lower endurance performance and increase the energy cost of running.

Abstract of the article is at

2. The Acute Effects of Static Stretching on the Sprint Performance of Collegiate Men in the 60- and 100-m Dash After a Dynamic Warm-Up
When sprinters do static stretches after a dynamic warm-up and before sprinting, they run slower than without static stretching.

Abstract of the article is at

3 Responses to ““I Told You So….” On Stretching and Performance”

  1. 1 Sean

    If static stretching before running increases energy expenditure could people use that phenomenon to help lose wait or would it just dangerous?

  2. 2 JBH

    Unfortunately, it looks as though there’s a typo in the abstract.

    “Running distance was actually shorter *without* stretching. When the runners stretched, their average running distance was 3.4 percent less than when they ran without stretching.”

    Am I correct that the author probably meant to write “with” in that first sentence? That would certainly seem to make more sense. Overall, the article’s meaning is clear. But I did find it confusing at first and had to go back and reread that paragraph a couple of times before I was convinced it was a mistake.

  3. JBH:

    Yes, you are correct. The typo in the abstract was probably made by a copyrighter at Wolters Kluwer Health. You may point it out to the publisher. Here is contact info:

    Robert Dekker
    Director of Communications
    Wolters Kluwer Health
    +1 (215) 521-8928

    Connie Hughes
    Director, Marketing Communications
    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    +1 (215) 521-8928

    Best regards,

    Thomas Kurz

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