Bacon Salt–Taste without Substance


I just learned of existence of Bacon Salt. It is made for people who can’t eat bacon because it isn’t halal or kosher, for those who believe saturated fat is bad for them, and perhaps for those who can’t get good bacon. So it is not for me. Fat, and a lot of it saturated, is the fuel that keeps me running and keeps me healthy, like so:

Tom Kurz Does Hindu Push-ups and Hindu Squats in the Snow

Tom Kurz Does Hindu Push-ups and Hindu Squats in the Snow

I get excellent bacon from my local grocer. This is real bacon—not those prepacked, chemical soaked meat strips with little fat.

What would I put Bacon Salt on? On the good bacon I eat with practically every meal? Or on my favorite golonka (pork shanks or hocks)? Wouldn’t it be like gilding the lily? OK, I know, if I run out of bacon, then I can put Bacon Salt on the stick of butter (113 g), most of which I eat daily!

Unbreakable Umbrella vs. Watermelon

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  1. 1 Matthew Baniewicz

    I get my bacon from the farmers market — from the farmer himself — All Organic.
    And you’re right we need the saturated fats to keep us running long.

  2. 2 Mick

    I get my bacon from my local butcher. all of the animals he gets in are pastured and do not receive any “animal junk food”. I’m very glad to see more people speaking out about the need for fat. It has been much maligned, for far too long. Have you ever thought about writing a book detailing your personal nutrition strategy? Coupled with your physical training, it is obviously working most excellently for you!

  3. 3 Michael

    How much fat, protein and carbs do you eat in a day?
    And in how manny meals do you devide it?

  4. Mick and Michael:

    I have outlined my nutrition habits in my comment of May 14 to First, Fix Faults—in Nutrition ( Me writing a book on this would be superfluous—others, especially Dr. Kwasniewski, have done it very well already.

    I don’t count grams or calories, I just eat so I feel good and have the energy I need—I just act on the signs…. I eat usually three meals a day, sometimes two meals a day.

  5. 5 Moni

    Mr Kurz, I have checked the sports nutrition page of and I cannot find any book by Dr. Kwasniewski. Surely it would make sense to make this book available to others? I for one would purchase it as I am interested in improving my diet.



  6. Dr. Kwasniewski’s books on nutrition are are available at

  7. 7 Moni

    Thank you Mr Kurz for your prompt reply. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.



  8. 8 Moni

    One other thing Mr Kurz. If you can, please watch the documentary film, “Fat Head”. It discusses the same issues you have been writing about in this blog post and is definitely worthy of your attention.



  9. 9 Matteo

    Have you ever tried lamb bacon? I’ve recently discovered it, and it tastes even better than pork bacon! And it is also more saturated.

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