Flexibility Express and workout schedule and overtraining



Flexibility Express doesn’t come up with a set schedule for workouts like when and which ones to do. Before I bought it, it said that I need to workout 15-20 minutes twice a week to gain flexibility. How should I approach this program in terms of scheduling.”


Do it on the same schedule you would do your regular strength workouts. Schedule of workouts should be set according to your recovery and that depends on your training loads relative to your health and conditioning status.

More info on the Flexibility Express program is at

and on setting a weekly schedule of workouts is at

BTW, those of you who train hard but can’t improve, may find useful info in comments to the above post.

Science of Sports Training, 2nd edition, by Thomas Kurz

Flexibility Express DVD by Thomas Kurz

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  1. Hi, i found your DVD very interesting and i want to become very flexible but i’m not a professional so from where i must begin and can you help me with a standard scheduling to begin with. Thank you

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