Jean-Claude Van Damme’s (and Volvo’s) Epic Split


Someone brought to my attention The Epic Split featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme (see below).

I viewed it and was duly impressed. Then I read comments on YouTube and on other sites, such as and Most comments on this video are Ok, but inevitably there are some from nobodies looking for faults in the performance–that maybe the trucks were really moving forwards and not backwards, that Jean-Claude Van Damme was supported somehow, or some other nonsense. Yes, there are those who do nothing well and project their low standards on those who do stuff and excel at it.

What I can say to those nobodies is, “He’s done it, and you nobodies won’t even make the first step toward excellence.”

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4 Responses to “Jean-Claude Van Damme’s (and Volvo’s) Epic Split”

  1. 1 Greg J Gibbens

    anyone who is not impressed with that split has never done anything truly athletic in their life and never will! Formidable!

  2. I agree! It was impressive by JCVD, and the trucks and truck drivers were impressive too. Easy to talk bad about others when all you do is sit at home behind a computer and don’t do anything yourself.

    There is another video where they are talking about the stunt and it’s funny to see JCVD’s face when they say the trucks will be going backwards. And yes, they had safety wires hooked to him, but it is still very impressive.

  3. 3 Kevin Ricketts

    Balancing on the side mirrors alone is singularly impressive

  4. 4 Alan Bacci

    Dear Tom,
    When I read your words I thought you are a great teacher and man: you were the first to establish a scientific method in learning full splits, nonetheless you are supporting another man displaying the skill you are master of…Mr. Van Damme was clever, but I think you deserve more worldwide attention than him…congratulations!

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