High Kicks and Self-Defense: Tactically Sound Setups


Kicking in a no-holds-barred fight is risky, the higher the kicks, the riskier. From the previous article, Where from Are the High Roundhouse Kicks in Karate, you know how typical applications of kicks in Okinawan te removed risk from kicking. But how about other, more popular, punch-and-kick martial arts and sports? You know, all those that teach high kicks? What about you if you do one of those popular arts or sports and your skills are centered on high kicks? How should you practice to remove nearly as much risk from your high kicks as Okinawan te removed from its low kicks?

Your popular martial art or sport does not teach combining grips with striking — the crucial skills needed for the no-nonsense self-defense tactics of Okinawan te — because these skills do not fit with fundamental techniques of your art or sport, so what can you do? Here is what … Continued at stadion.com/high-kicks-with-tactically-sound-setups

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