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Kicking in a no-holds-barred fight is risky, the higher the kicks, the riskier. From the previous article, Where from Are the High Roundhouse Kicks in Karate, you know how typical applications of kicks in Okinawan te removed risk from kicking. But how about other, more popular, punch-and-kick martial arts and sports? You know, all those […]

See a video showing an easy, mechanically sound way of achieving the side split. It is at

New article titled “Sequence of Conditioning Exercises for Fighters and Martial Artists in Long-Term Training and in a Single Workout” is posted on In this article you will learn about the sequence of strength and endurance exercises in long-term training and in a single workout. A rationally designed strength training program begins with developing […]

It has been a long while since I produced any instructional material on training for sports and martial arts. The reason is a severe shoulder injury I had a few years ago. I totally dislocated and nearly destroyed my shoulder. (Full info on the injury is at and Of course, I was not […]

On May 11th I did an audio interview with Mark Knapp of The interview was done over Skype, so the recording is not studio-quality, but it may still be worth your while to listen to. Here are Mark’s main questions: What are some of the biggest myths or misconceptions that you see regarding stretching and […]