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One of the ancient Thai classics instructs warriors to display [i.e., practice] their martial skills so “that one may enjoy the sight.” —Donn F. Draeger and Robert W. Smith. 1969. Asian Fighting Arts. Tokyo: Kodansha International LTD. I read about SuperSlow and the method seemed reasonable. Not very practical for many sports, but great for […]

Nearly 2,000 people have read my post on how the composition of every single workout influences the effectiveness of the whole training program. Of all those readers, only one commented on the topic. Others described their experiences with crude simpletons who pass themselves for instructors and lord over the naive and the undiscerning enrolled in […]

Elegance is [achieved by] selectiveness or restraint in the use of means—a good selection gets to the point with just the right means. In my opinion, the crucial element of a training program is a workout. Not an exercise and not a microcycle but a single workout. Why not an exercise—the basic building block of […]