Differences between Flexibility Express DVD and Secrets of Stretching DVD


A few people have asked me, “What is the difference between the Flexibility Express and Secrets of Stretching DVDs?” Here is my answer:

I made Secrets of Stretching when I was 35. I made Flexibility Express at 55, so the main difference between those two DVDs is 20 years of research and experience. The other difference is that Secrets of Stretching teaches resistance exercises and stretches designed specifically for fighters and martial artists who want powerful kicks, while Flexibility Express delivers simultaneous gains in strength and flexibility of the entire body for athletes in all sports. So, Secrets of Stretching covers flexibility and strength of the lower body only—that is, the hips and legs—while Flexibility Express covers the arms, shoulders, back, hips, and legs.

Compared to Secrets of Stretching, in Flexibility Express the method is streamlined; the exercises are simpler, easier, but no less effective; and you get more information on those exercises.

I can say that Flexibility Express is a distillation of my knowledge of flexibility and strength training, all that was published in Secrets of Stretching and Stretching Scientifically, and a lot that was not. This is why the DVD Flexibility Express is more expensive than Secrets of Stretching—just like a cognac is more expensive than the wine it was distilled from.

There are other good reasons for pricing it higher than Secrets of Stretching DVD:

I have noticed that people tend to pay more attention to instruction when they pay more money for it. Let me explain: Our previous DVDs and books were priced similarly to or lower than other publications, of lower instructional value, on similar subjects. This has kept some of our customers from fully appreciating them and diligently applying our instruction and thus getting the full benefit of it. I know that many people buy our DVDs and books and then let them gather dust. Then, when their friends see our DVD or book on their shelves and ask, “Can you do what this thing teaches?” the answer, of course, has to be “No.” The friends then get the wrong impression of the quality of our instruction. Setting a higher price on Flexibility Express DVD is a way to remedy that. Yes, higher-priced items are appreciated more than lower-priced items, and they are used rather than forgotten.

Also, with the higher price I hope for no such stupid questions as, “I am 45. Am I too old for these exercises?” Or stupider, “I am 35. Am I too old for these exercises?” Or the completely stupid, “I am 25. Am I too old for these exercises?”

To learn more about the DVD Flexibility Express, read this review by Rev. A. Bodhi Chenevey, RM, DD, Hikaze Learning Corner, Wooster, OH.

Secrets of Stretching: Exercises for the Lower Body by Thomas Kurz

Flexibility Express DVD

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10 Responses to “Differences between Flexibility Express DVD and Secrets of Stretching DVD”

  1. This is a breakthrough in training for flexibility and functional
    strength. Kurz goes straight to the point to give you his state-of-the-art
    method. His presentation is low-key but it will give you an invaluable
    know-how. You will notice improvements right away—as soon as you will
    replace your old exercises with those of Flexibility Express.

  2. 2 Nischal

    How often should we do the exercises in the DVD?

  3. 4 Robert pollock

    I have been looking for a stretching dvd to assist me in my high kicks in karate, I have been very impressed with the trailers to your DVDs as I stay in the UK will these DVDs play on our players as they are region 2 and PAL.

  4. Yes, our DVDs will play on PAL machines.

  5. 6 Robert Boyd

    Im a bball player is this real has anyone been able to do the splits I’ll do anything to ensure I dominate every game. My next step is flexibilty. Real answers please.

  6. 8 Jay

    Hello~ Your work looks very interesting. I too am 55 (well 56 if we want to be sticklers for accuracy). I am not an unfit person, at least compared to the majority of the population. I walk a few miles a day, do TRX workouts and Foundation Training. However, due to a job of many years with many hours per day of work behind a desk (which I no longer have to do) I am very tight everywhere. For me a pancake is basically getting my legs out at 45 degrees and just being able to sit up straight. You imply that with the new DVD done when you were 55, it would be a stupid question to ask “can I do this at 45?” However, while we may be the same age, you have been doing this for most of your life. As I understand it, our tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, etc. become less pliable as we get older, especially if we haven’t stretched previously, and become susceptible to tears and injuries as we try to stretch muscles. I am not aspiring to become a contortionist, just a reasonably flexible adult. Is injury a concern? I’d rather be inflexible than injured and inflexible. And what is a reasonable expectation at this stage of the game? Thanks in advance for your clarification on this!

  7. 9 Frank

    I would very much like to hear the answer to Jay’s question above as well. He asked it in February of 2015…. it’s now almost 1.5 years later… Tom, are you still connecting with your audience or is there a different blog you use now? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for the great work you do.

  8. 10 Audra

    I prefer your Flexibility Express over Secrets of Stretching. Both deliver simultaneous gains in strength and flexibility but the program on FE is easier to follow.

    Thank you!

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