Weight Loss, Part III: Snacks


Hey, stupid, wanna lose some weight?

Popular advice for the thoughtless:

Eat snacks! Eat many small meals per day!

My thoughts:

If you eat a high-quality high-calorie meal, you are not going to be hungry for at least four hours (much longer, actually). Only if you eat garbage will your blood sugar spike and fall after the meal, so you have to eat something in about two hours.

Here is what I wrote a long time ago on good meals (good foods, proper proportions) and bad meals: On Losing Weight and On Eating for Performance—Short and. . . .

Optimal Nutrition by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski

Flexibility Express DVD by Thomas Kurz

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2 Responses to “Weight Loss, Part III: Snacks”

  1. 1 Michael

    Hello Mr. Kurz thank you for sharing your thoughts on Sports Nutrition. Can you please post advice on how to gain solid muscle with the Optimal Diet. Thank You very much

  2. Dr. Kwasniewski is concerned with health and optimal function, not looks, and I am not aware of any writing by Dr. Kwasniewski on gaining muscle mass beyond what is one’s natural muscle mass, or what in sports is called “natural weight.”

    My advice is just common sense: Don’t go hungry and don’t exercise to the point when you smell ammonia 😉

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