Splits Without Trying


A recent exchange on training for strength and flexibility between Mr. E and me:

Mr. E.:
I have been using your video Flexibility Express, and I definitely see major improvement, though not as quickly as you indicate I should. One question regarding the squats into splits routine: How frequently should I be performing that series of exercises? More than once per week?

Thomas Kurz:
You do your whole-body strength workout just once a week? And you see major improvement? I am amazed!

But seriously, information on the number of workouts in a week is in these posts:

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Mr. E.:
Thank you. I train 4 days per week, 3 days upper body (more traditional format [than the Flexibility Express]), and I only do legs and squats into splits once per week. I do, however, follow your dynamic stretching routine for front, side, and rear kicks twice per day, once in the morning and once at night. I was just wondering if I should do the squats into splits more often, as that seems to be the catalyst to lengthening my muscles. Thanks again.

Thomas Kurz:
You want to do splits and you say that doing the squats-to-splits routine “seems to be the catalyst to lengthening [your] muscles” and then you are wondering if you should do it more often? Don’t be wondering–just do it.

By the way, if you want to get seriously big shoulders, chest, and arms, don’t skimp on squats and deadlifts. Those “lower-body lifts” have great hormonal effects on the whole body and so add considerable muscle mass to the upper body too.

More info on the Flexibility Express program is at

Flexibility Express DVD by Thomas Kurz

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