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A recent exchange on training for strength and flexibility between Mr. E and me: Mr. E.: I have been using your video Flexibility Express, and I definitely see major improvement, though not as quickly as you indicate I should. One question regarding the squats into splits routine: How frequently should I be performing that series […]

Does your flexibility improve when you stop training? If yes, then you have the same problem as the martial artist who wrote this: > As a martial artist I stretch a lot but nothing happens. In fact when > I don’t train I become a little bit more flexible than when I train. > It […]

It has been a long while since I produced any instructional material on training for sports and martial arts. The reason is a severe shoulder injury I had a few years ago. I totally dislocated and nearly destroyed my shoulder. (Full info on the injury is at and Of course, I was not […]

There were some rainy days in Northeast Kingdom so I spent them reviewing and commenting video recording of my last seminar on combining strength and flexibility training. At the seminar I had the participants go through exercises that simultaneously stretch and strengthen the involved muscles, and even help with posture correction. One of these exercises […]

Three weeks ago I returned from a business trip to Poland. In my time free from business meetings, I gave two seminars on combining strength and flexibility training. Those seminars were organized by Dariusz Nowicki, member of the Technical Committee of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), trainer of the best Taekwondo club in Poland, sports […]

Soon it will be cold enough in Vermont to do “no-sweat” workouts. The good thing about not sweating when exercising is that one can save time on changing and showering. . . . The bad thing about not sweating when exercising is that one’s liver and kidneys have to process all the metabolic waste produced […]

Here is what Pete Carroll, one of the most successfull college football coaches in the country, said on CBS News’ 60 Minutes: “A great coach once said that the best players don’t always win, the players that play the best do. That’s why we work so hard. That’s why we train so hard. That’s why […]