Hindu Push-ups and Hindu Squats


People ask me how to do Hindu push-ups and Hindu squats. Instead of describing these exercises in many words, I show them in a movie below. The movie shows how I cool down after my typical strength workout at the same time maintaining muscular endurance and getting my vitamin D too. It was shot right after I have done my overhead lifts, squats, and deadlifts.

I cool down with Hindu push-ups and Hindu squats after lifting weights

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10 Responses to “Hindu Push-ups and Hindu Squats”

  1. Fantastic and inspiring!

  2. 2 Charles

    Aren’t you a little overdressed?

    I have to say that since I started doing squats after reading one of your newsletters, my knees, which I thought were shot, are better than they have been for years and I can sprint again (at age 57). That’s totally non-intuitive, but I guess it’s true that if you don’t use it you lose it.

  3. Hi Charles,

    I try not to waste a sunny day—and if exercising outside on a sunny day, why not get the full benefit of the sunshine?

    About your knees: I think that many people benefit from Hindu squats because their knees are not really shot—just poorly stabilized. Apparently this form of movement does everything the knee needs. But if someone has bad arthritis, with bone on bone contact, then it is too late for fixing it by just “using it.”

  4. 4 Tyciol

    That was awesome how you do it until the point of snow melting and then refreezing into ice!

    As for bone on bone hindu squats, I wonder, would tractioning the knees via inversion allowing fluid to flow in be good, could it help nourish any remaining cartiledge to reform or something?

  5. UV light in the vitamin D-producing range enhances athletic performance. Read about it in Dr. Briffa blog at

  6. 7 Tim

    Come to the beach in australia Thomas! Get some real vit D!

  7. 8 Ashiq

    Thomas, I assume Hindu squats can be done on the toes, and not with heels flat on the ground?

  8. Yes.

  1. 1 Hindu Pushups and Hindu Squats in the Snow | CST Free Weight Exercises By Scott Sonnon

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