Weight Loss, Part II: Low-Fat Foods


Hey, stupid, wanna lose some weight?

Popular advice for the thoughtless:

Eat low-fat foods!

My thoughts:

Fat provides more calories per gram than either carbohydrate or protein, so why eat inferior, energy-poor foods instead of superior, high-energy foods?

Fat-rich meals provide me with energy, proteins, vitamins, and minerals for my body to work well. Incidentally, such meals make my body sense no need to eat more than two or three times a day (if there is an intense workout in the day).

Optimal Nutrition by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski

Flexibility Express DVD by Thomas Kurz

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3 Responses to “Weight Loss, Part II: Low-Fat Foods”

  1. 1 zachariah salazar

    The type of fat matters. Its not an “all fat is good” situation. One must be concerned with the consumption of easily oxidizing, mitochondrion damaging substances like polyunsaturated fats-both as additives in food(industrial seed oils), naturally occurring (like in cold water salmon) or in supplements such as fish oils, pushed by unscrupulous companies with flim-flam research “proving” their health benefits. Stick to the healthy fats like in beef and lamb and in quality foods like dairy (make sure cheese is made with rennet-NOT enzymes or cultures-real cheese is being made reactive by changing healthy age old recipes).

  2. 2 Greg

    I agree with Zach. He’s the one that pointed me in the right direction when I visited Ray Peat, PhD site (www.raypeat.com). PUFAs are not the health-givers that the media would like us to believe.

  3. Thanks Zach! Now I know why some cheeses, even though made from sheep’s or goat’s milk, don’t agree with me.

    Good sheep and goat cheeses made with rennet, such as Greek katsiki or Bulgarian feta, can be mail ordered, for example, from parthenonfoods.com or through Amazon. Do you know of other cheeses made with rennet only?

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