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Two new articles on stretching and flexibility are posted on The first is titled “Age and Stretching” and the second, “Gender and Stretching.” In those articles I answer questions from athletes and martial artists on relation of age and gender to flexibility. Some older martial artists ask whether it is possible to improve flexibility […]

Someone brought to my attention The Epic Split featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme (see below). I viewed it and was duly impressed. Then I read comments on YouTube and on other sites, such as and Most comments on this video are Ok, but inevitably there are some from nobodies looking for faults in the […]

Just before Thanksgiving, a member of Stadion’s Discussion Forum posted info on a new book by Vergil Den that references my work (thanks Tmess!). Out of curiosity I downloaded the book. It is worth reading, well written, and not too long. It is titled The Stoic’s Burden. You may download it from the author’s site […]

Ernie O’Malley has sent me a link to professor Doug Richards’ (University of Toronto St. George, Physical Education & Health Department) lecture on stretching and asked about my thoughts on it. You may view the lecture here: And here are my thoughts: Great lecture. Very accessible explanation of biomechanical concepts related to stretching. Professor Richards […]

On May 11th I did an audio interview with Mark Knapp of The interview was done over Skype, so the recording is not studio-quality, but it may still be worth your while to listen to. Here are Mark’s main questions: What are some of the biggest myths or misconceptions that you see regarding stretching and […]